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2009 Yamaha ATV & UTV Model Preview

Date:2016.09.02  Hits:Loading...

2009 Yamaha ATV & UTV Model Preview

  Just recently, ATVriders.com was invited to the land of sun and surf where ATV manufacturing giant, Yamaha, announced many of its 2009 line up of ATV’s and SxS vehicles. The 2009 line-up boasts many upgrades to their existing off road machines and a couple of all-new ATV’s as well. Yamaha has always been a pioneer in the motorsports industry and some of the 2009’s impressive changes and additions prove just that.

    As the presentation at the press intro played out, it was apparent that we would have our work cut out for us trying to keep up with the many upgrades and new models that Yamaha has implemented in their 2009 line-up, so we will break it down by machine and give an overview of what you can expect from each model for 2009.

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