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Shanghai SCC Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. It is a professional commitment rotomolding products development, production and sales as one of modern high-tech enterprises.

As the first rotational molding products of independent research and development as the core of high-tech enterprises, the company passed CE, ISO9001 in the industry: 2008 quality system certification and FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) certification testing in the industry to maintain good quality Credibility. The company has a professional R & D laboratories, has successfully developed a business group involved troops box, refrigerator insulation, hotel supplies, outdoor supplies and transportation turnover, including five areas of dozens of rotational molding products, and a number of national technology patent.

Company R & D capability in the organization after insulation materials, thermal insulation structure design breakthrough, successfully developed China's first rotomolding food refrigerated incubator. At present different requirements for the storage and transportation of perishable foods, the introduction of food incubator (above 65 degrees), food freezers (0-8 degrees), food freezers (minus 18 degrees) and so the balance of 50 products. The company has a professional R & D lab refrigerator insulation, mandated six utility model patents and two design patents. The company is the first Chinese Cold Chain Logistics Committee executive director of the unit, the China Cuisine Association. In 2013, as a plastic incubator industry standard drafting one of the units, the company won the China Light Industry Association awarded the International Consumer Goods Fair "green energy award."

Company sales outlets throughout the country 25 provinces and autonomous regions, and successfully serving the Shanghai World Expo 2012 3rd Asian Beach Games and the Games for 13 years and other large sports events, as well as the Chinese high-speed rail distribution, cold chain delivery service to provide professional food safety solution.