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82L Food delivery box SB2-D82

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Type: Food Delivery Box/Bag
Model: 82L Food Delivery Box SB2-D82 

1) One piece seamless polyethylene outer shell, filled with thick polyurethane foam.
2) Two metal latches for air tight sealing.
3) Installed on a vehicle with assorted metal rack.
4) Built-in removable gasket for better heat retaining effect. 
5) Holds a wide variety of foods such as pizza, pasta, bone-in fried chicken and double-crusted pies and so on.

6) It's widely used for taking-out service provided by food industry, such as fast-food restaurants, hotels, cafes, etc.



Model Number SB2-D82
External Dimension(mm) 625*538*440
Internal Dimension(mm) 575*465*310
Colour Orange/Brown
Capacity(L) 82L
Weight(Kg) 11.5kg
 Holding time  8~10hours